I work at a public library.

Librarian, Needing a

I was in the stacks, helping a patron find a book when I was alarmed to hear someone shouting from across the library.

Man [voice at full volume]: “WE NEED A LIBRARIAN IN HERE!!”

Thinking it had to be an emergency, I immediately left my patron and ran toward the voice, seeing many concerned faces along the way. I came upon a large man standing at the door of the quiet computer lab.

Me [with concern]: “What is it? What’s happened?”

Man [in normal voice and tone]: “Someone in the lab is eating a sandwich.”

Me: “You really, really shouldn’t yell like that. You’ve alarmed many people. Next time, can you please come to the desk?”

Man: “I didn’t want to lose my computer. Say, while you’re here, can you help me with Microsoft Word?”

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Repellent, Unholy and

I was walking by the public computers when a woman stopped me.

Woman: “Can you help me? I liked some recipe on Facebook and now it keeps showing up on Yahoo.”

Me: “Do you mean you are getting email notifications that you do not want?”

Woman: “Yes. That recipe was unholy and repellent. I liked it on Facebook but everyone in my house hated it!”

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Books, Banning

During Banned Books Week, a special time of the year when libraries celebrate the value of free and open access to information, I had this interaction with a patron:

Patron: “My daughter has to read Fahrenheit 451 for school. Can you tell me about it?”

Me: [short explanation, including that the book is a classic and a main theme of the story is censorship]

Patron: “Hmm. I heard that someone is burned alive in this book. That doesn’t seem appropriate for high schoolers. I think I will call the school and complain. They definitely shouldn’t be reading this book. Thanks!”

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Mail, Forwarding

Today a patron wanted to print 803 pages of an email feed to snail mail to someone.

That would be $120.45 in printing fees.

I told him I didn’t think we even had enough paper on hand and asked if he’d considered forwarding the email to the person who needed it.

This hadn’t occurred to him.

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