I work at a public library.

Club, LEGO

At the children’s LEGO Club yesterday, the theme was “At the Zoo”:

Kid #1: “I’m going to make an okapi enclosure.”

Kid #2: “I’ll tell you what I’m making after it’s done. At the orientation.”

Kid #3: “I’m making a skate park inside the zoo. For the giraffes.”

Kid #4: “Why are all the little people yellow? I can’t understand it.”

Kid #5: “There are some fake LEGOs mixed in. Would you like me to pick them out?”

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Fast, It All Happened So

A lady walked up to me to ask for help making copies. She was in her 80s, very tall, and gaunt, with watery eyes and yellowed fingernails. I was talking with her about how many copies she needed when the following happened in very quick succession: 1) a dead housefly fell from her hair and landed on the folder she was holding, 2) she saw it and said “oops!”, 3) she scooped up the fly and popped it into her mouth, and 4) she told me she needed three double-sided copies.

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